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Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO) Consultants

Welcome to QDRO Solutions, LLC- this is the home of “Qualified Domestic Relations Orders.” We are a law firm that practices exclusively in the division of retirement or pension plans for those recently divorced or separated. We at QDRO Solutions, LLC know how exasperating a separation can be and that is why we are here to assist you in the complex court orders. A QDRO is a special court order made to divide the pension or retirement plans of those who have divorced or separated and share either one of these plans. Additionally, a QDRO can also take care of alimony or child support through the assets dissolved from the retirement and pensions plans. A QDRO requires extensive and complicated paperwork that should be delegated to an experienced Family Law and QDRO attorney. When you work with QDRO Solutions, LLC you will not only receive thorough and professional legal counsel but also our undivided attention to your court case.

Why Work With Our QDRO Consultants?

Ann M. Stirling, Esquire, with over 35 years of Family Law experience, owns and operates our law firm practicing exclusively in QDRO and other court orders related to separations. On top of Ann M. Stirling’s vast expertise is her qualified staff and lawyer consultant who has authored the “go to” book on the intricate court orders we see each day. This practiced group does not work off of templates and tailors each QDRO solution to your specific situation. We are devoted to our practice in the QDRO and other related court order fields and this devotion has been the key in gaining positive results for our clients.

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